May 02 2013

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The convening authority at Fort Carson has acted with extreme cruelty to deny PFC Kimberly Rivera’s request for clemency to allow her to be excused from serving the last few weeks of her sentence so that she could be with her new born son, Matthew.

Matthew Rivera
Matthew Rivera

We stand with Amnesty International and people of conscience around the world in condemning this action to punish Kimberly (and her infant son) for refusing to continue to serve in Iraq.

We urge all people of conscience to take one of the following actions on Sunday, December 1, 2013:

1. Hold a vigil or nonviolent demonstration outside the gates of a US military installation or at another visible public place in your community.
2. Hold vigils or nonviolent demonstrations outside US embassies and consulates, as well near US border crossing checkpoints.
3. Write letters urging President Obama to use his power as Commander-in-Chief to pardon Kimberly Rivera and order her immediate release from confinement.
4. Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper condemning the actions of the US Army in this case.

Mario and Kimberly Rivera
Mario and Kimberly Rivera

Please find somehow to take action and then please post pictures and other news about your action on this page. The US Army and the world needs to know that WE WILL NOT BE SILENT when war resisters are being persecuted!

Note: In most locales actions will be taking place at 3 p.m. local time.






  • By Catherine EVRARD, May 16, 2013 @ 5:11 pm

    Kimberly Rivera should be released immediately and unconditionnaly. She is a prisoner of conscience, detained for refusing to participate in the armed conflict in Iraq for reasons of conscience.

  • By Jean Sommer, November 5, 2013 @ 8:20 pm

    This young woman has been punished for following her conscience. Do not punish her innocent, unborn child by refusing to release the mother in order to give birth and breast feed the baby in the normal way.

  • By Starr Bowie, November 5, 2013 @ 9:30 pm

    FYI I sent the following letter to Gen. Bills 11-5-13:
    I am writing to request that you grant the clemency appeal of Kimberly Rivera for immediate release. My understanding is that her soon-to-be-born son will be taken from her custody immediately after his birth, if she is forced to remain in prison for her full sentence of 10 months.
    Research shows that the earliest months in an infant’s life are crucial for bonding as well as for the physical protection that breast milk, unlike any other milk, confers. The prison in which Rivera is confined makes no provision for breast-feeding, even if military policy allowed mothers to keep custody of their babies. It seems grossly unfair to the innocent baby to deprive him of his mother at the most physically and psychologically vulnerable period in his life, when he is first being introduced to human relationships and is forming his immune system in interaction with his environment. Research shows that human beings actually form their core personalities in the first nine months of life. A positive outcome for this developmental stage is highly dependent on the infant’s constant communication with loving, responsive caregivers.
    Research announced just this week in the major media shows that trauma experienced at a young age causes the connections between the amygdala (the site of emotions in the brain) and the hippocampus (the objective, intellectually perceiving part of the brain) to form weakly, thereby causing the human being to experience intense anxiety and fearfulness without foundation throughout his or her life. Trauma is not just a description of sensational physical abuse, but of exposure to emotional volatility, cruelty, or mere neglect. We cannot know that the baby will immediately or ultimately feel the deficit of an absent mother in his development, but we do know he is more likely to develop a sense of trust and security if he is in the care of someone who is obviously as caring and compassionate as Kimberly Rivera is.
    By contrast, while there are many fine foster families and committed social workers, the foster care system is widely-reported to be under-staffed, overtaxed, under-monitored, and frequently unable to guarantee that the most basic care needs of its wards will be met.
    Kimberly Rivera seems a principled person who has sacrificed mightily for what she believes in, which includes the need to protect her fellow soldiers from her moral disorientation in a theatre of war. Great has already been her punishment, not the least element of which will be her vivid life-long memories of her war experiences. She has lived the frightening life of a fugitive, she has been separated from her husband and young children, and she knows that they suffer her absence in bewilderment, given their ages, as much as she suffers theirs. Furthermore, the conditions of her discharge may haunt her for the rest of her life as someone seeking employment or promotional opportunities. Few in today’s economy have the luxury to be stay-at-home mothers.
    Please show this courageous young woman and her family, particularly her unborn child, mercy. Thank you very much in advance for considering this request.

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